Gift vouchers are available in two formats.  "Open" Gift vouchers are valid for 3 months from date of purchase and gift vouchers for specific classes are valid for those classes.

Special Seasonal Validity: For any vouchers purhased from 1st October to 31st December, validity will be until 30th April of the following year.


Q: How do I get a voucher for a specific class?

A: You can book a specific class/course on an available date (see "Public Classes" pages) for the recipient - this means that it's really important that you know that they can attend that particular class/course.

  • Decide on the class/course you would like to gift by visiting the "Public Classes."
  • Click "Add to Cart' for your chosen date and class.
  • Make very sure that the recipient can attend this particular class/course.
  • In the "Voucher Details" comments box please note that your booking requires a gift voucher, remembering to include their name, email address & mailing address if you would like us to send the voucher directly to them, or your mailing address if you would like the voucher sent to you. Also include any note you would like us to write on your behalf.
  • Complete the booking with your payment.

When you make a booking for a class/course on behalf of someone else, we will email you, the purchaser, a Confirmation of Booking. This will detail what you have booked and remind you of our Terms of Trade.

The same Confirmation of Booking will be emailed to the recipient for their information. It is important that both of you read & understand this document.

 Q: What's an "open" gift voucher?

A: A voucher that is purchased for a particular value that allows the lucky  recipient to choose which class they want to do and when within three months of purchase. The recipient needs to book within the validity period, not necessarily do the class in that time.

As we really don't want to disappoint anyone we are endeavouring to give all gift voucher holders the opportunity to do the class/course of their choice within their voucher validity period whilst all the time abiding by our very strict Terms of Trade plus coping with a huge increase in demand!

Purchase Open Voucher here. 

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Q: How do I redeem a current and valid "open" gift voucher?

A: Here's how:

  • Have the number on your gift voucher at the ready.
  • Decide on the class/course you would like to do by visiting the "Public Classes" page.
  • Ensure that there is an 'Add to Cart" button for that particular date and class. This means that there is availability for this class. 
  • Make very sure that you can attend this particular class/course.
  • Then email us on with the following details. Name, Phone, Email, Voucher Number, Course of choice, Date and Time of course. 

We will email you a Confirmation of Booking when we have received & processed your order. This will detail what you have booked and remind you of our Terms of Trade.

Should your chosen class be unavailable (for example; you were pipped to the post during the processing period or we did not have the required information) you will be contacted by email.