KidzKitchen Holiday Classes  


We start by mixing the pasta dough and kneading till smooth, then resting, rolling and cutting the dough to make tagliatelle. This is then cooked and served with a seasonal sauce, followed by dessert. For ages 8-16.

Cost per person: $49

Tuesday 16 July - 11am to 1pm

Cooking to Impress

This class is ideal for building confidence in timing and presentation.  We will be making a dish of 4 components plus a dessert. For ages 8 to 16.

Cost per person: $49

Tuesday 9 July - 11am to 1pm

Monday 15 July - 11am to 1pm

Thursday 18 July - 11am to 1pm

Simple Meals - 11am

The menu includes burgers or wraps and wedges with a baked dessert (sticky toffee/brownie/cookies. Simple and yummy, perfect for learning basic cooking skills. 

Ages 6-16. 

Cost per person: $49

Wednesday 11 July - 11am to 1pm

Bring An Adult - 4pm to 6pm

One adult and one child cooking together to produce a three course meal - starter, main and dessert.  We start with a full demonstration of the meal, then the team gets down to it to produce the meal.  Finally, the best bit - eating your creations! 

Cost per team : $128

Sunday 14th July 12pm to 2pm

Baking & Wraps

Biscuits, scones or muffins and sausage rolls to bake with a filling wrap to finish.  There will be baking to take home from this class so please bring a container. 

Suitable for ages 6 - 16.

Cost per person: $49

Wednesday 10 July

Main Course Jan 16 - high res-9661.jpg